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M8s. Comrades. Dare I say…friends?

As may be obviously apparent, I am juggling too many things, and this blog is suffering as a result.

I’m not even going to pretend that I’ll manage a post between now and the end of semester. I’m six weeks behind in three of my four subjects, and I’m scrambling to catch up. Any extra writing time is being crammed into making my editors happy (read: less pissed off at me).

The good news is that the end is in sight, and given that my other writing commitments will take a tragic hiatus over the summer break, anything and everything vaguely coherent will be ending up here.

Saturday, November 22 is my last exam.

Until then, thanks for the comments/new readers, and apologies for being a slack piece of trash.

P.S. A shoutout to whoever has made ‘amateur picture of candle’ a top search on my blog. I hope you found what you were looking for.


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Sorry friends, that essay got the better of me. It’s done now, but I have a super busy week (going to Canberra on Friday whoa), so for the meantime let me tide you over with some things I wrote in other places:

  • Here’s some silly comedy I wrote which is slightly USyd-specific but hopefully still funny.
  • And here’s a limerick I wrote in response to Aldi banning Roald Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes because of the inclusion of the word “slut”. You have to scroll to the end of the post to find it.

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Okiedokie, I’m super tired – gonna go shower and watch Please Like Me, which is great and something you should be watching if you aren’t already.

Links & Stuff #5: Procrastinating on so many essays right now

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Whoa hey links yeah:

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A quick admin note

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Hey hi friends! Quick note, please help me out here.

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Thanks friends, have a good Saturday. Now go read yesterday’s post, it’s much more entertaining.

Brutally realistic and completely unexaggerated* depictions of a Friday

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Today I woke up to find my mother vacuuming the inside of a cake stand. As in, she’s standing there in a matching grey tracksuit, skilfully manoeuvring  the nozzle-thing around the pieces of cake inside so as to vacuum up the crumbs and produce an appearance of poise and cleanliness that is UTTERLY AT ODDS WITH THE CONCEPT OF A CAKE STAND.

“Mum,” I said. “This is madness. A cake stand is supposed to have crumbs on it. This is why we employ a cake stand, rather than just letting pieces of cake flop limply around on furniture like obscure metonyms for our decaying and crumbly existence.” This very reasonable piece of logic apparently did not fly with her. She continued vacuuming the cake stand, producing an artificially perfect piece cake display I’ve documented below for posterity and, more broadly, science.

photo 1 (1)

[Figure 1: Cake stand, post-vacuum. A premonition of a brave new era.]

As I donned my Friday-morning uniform of an old flanno (possibly unwashed) and bed socks (definitely unwashed), it became apparent to me that the cake stand was not one isolated incident, but part of a broader scheme of Cleanliness and Making Household Objects Conform To Unrealistic Societal Beauty Standards. The house in general was cleaner than I’d ever seen it. I couldn’t find any of my eight sort-of-dirty-but-reasonably-fine teacups on the sideboard, and had to actually get a clean one out of the drawer. And there was a pile of interior design magazines in a strategically careless (yet not messy) pile on the kitchen table. (Also documented below by Yours Truly in the name of Good Journalism and Avoiding Essays).

[Figure 2: "Oh yes, we always casually leave visions of unattainably bourgeois bliss at perfect 45 degree angles on our dining table - don't you?"]

[Figure 2: “Oh yes, we always casually leave visions of unattainably bourgeois bliss at perfect 45 degree angles on our dining table – don’t you?”]

I obviously had to get to the bottom of this, so I conducted some very intellectual investigative journalism. “Mum,” I said. “Why are you cleaning everything on a Friday?” I had thought this question would catch her out, but unfortunately, she seemed to have anticipated me. I can now provide you with the exclusive information that apparently a real estate photographer was coming to our house to take photographs, as we are possibly attempting to sell our house.

“But aren’t we trying to sell to developers and capitalist scum who will just bulldoze the house and probably only require pictures of the land outside?” I asked.

“Yes,” said Mum. “But they might like to have a photo of our dining table in there, to demonstrate how homely it could be.”

“Ah, okay.” I said. “That makes a lot of sense.” I decided to do my bit for the cleaning effort, which involved transferring the pile of paperwork, assessments and bank statements I don’t want to deal with from my desk to my bed so that I could open my laptop and not do my assignments. I also found pants, so as to contribute to the Accomplished Bourgeois Vibe. Perhaps the photographer would also want a picture of me, to demonstrate that this is a place where incredibly attractive people can (and do) live. I decided to practise for my impending photoshoot by sending snapchats of myself (taken via the bathroom mirror) to all of my friends and acquaintances. I then sent some snapchats of my mother cleaning, because I have to maintain my reputation of sending Artistic and Unconventional Snaps. I made sure to obtain consent before sending these snaps, because I support ethical snapchatting.

Despite my air of unwashed hipster nonchalance, however, beneath the flannel-clad surface I was beginning to feel concerned. The cleaning process was beginning to seem like a hugely obvious metaphor for the Sisyphean pursuit of our existence – so much effort put into a thing that will eventually be crushed by capitalist greed and erased from this earth forever. I tried to tell Mum this, but she hasn’t read Camus. Neither have I, but I invest several hours weekly into cultivating an air of pretentiousness via Wikipedia. Still, I couldn’t shake my concerns. What if this was all a fruitless and meaningless pursuit? What if the photographer didn’t even come?

With a sense of fateful and dramatic timing, it is at this point that the phone rang.

“Wassup,” I said, because no-one has ever explained telephone etiquette to me in a simple and easy-to-understand fashion. Unfortunately, this “wassup” was a mistake, as it was the Very Serious Real Estate Agent on the other end. I quickly threw the phone handset in the direction of my mother and snapchatted my distress.

When my mother got off the phone, her face was grim. “They are not coming today,” she reported. “They are coming on Monday instead.” She seemed a little put out. I braced myself to provide comfort in the hour of her existential despair. Instead, she surprised me.

“It’s okay. I can vacuum the cake stand again on Monday.”

The world is fukt.


* Promise. Would I lie to you? (seriously, though, you can’t make this shit up.)

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